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Use Cases for a VPN

People often ask me what VPN they should use but never ask how it actually protects them (and they probably couldn’t answer that). Using a VPN does not always make you more secure, and is only really beneficial in certain conditions and against certain adversaries. When a VPN helps When a VPN does not help…

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Michael Shows Us a Great Example of why RFID Blocking Wallets are Important

Some credit cards contain Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) chips that enable the “tap to pay” feature on credit terminals for faster payment. Unfortunately, they also open up a new avenue of identity theft. This is why I use an RFID blocking wallet. #Security #Awareness #RFID — Michael (@MikeTolmie) July 24, 2018 This video demonstrates…

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Annoying Web Scanners with Zip Bombs

This one can be filed squarely under “so dumb it works”. This practice wont really do much to increase practical security of a website, but it does create roadblocks for the guys running the tools that look for holes in your security. Zip Bombs are really large files that are basically empty, so that when…

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