Why certifications are valuable in IT

I made the decision before leaving high school that I did not want to go to college. As I knew that I was going into the tech industry I was already well aware of the downsides of getting a degree. A degree proves that you learned about both your trade as well as took classes in other fields to come out after four or so years with a well rounded education. After that, there is nothing. You pay an exuberant amount of money for degree with no future course, and possibly nothing that would prove that you are good at what you actually want to do. A computer science degree can get you helpdesk, maybe a sysadmin position, or something in management, but dont expect a degree to get you seated in a position working cryptoanalysis or offensive security.

On the other hand, certifications allow you to create a much longer road for your further education. you can start with simple certifications and move up towards proving that you are good at what you want to do. Two years of study for certifications is much less expensive than college, and gives you a longer list of accomplishments that are more specific to the dream job that you chase. The technology industry is changing rapidly, meaning that education becomes obsolete much faster than in many other sectors. a four year degree loses a lot of its value after a decade, but because of the ongoing nature of certifications, your knowledge, and proof of that knowledge is constantly updating and staying current.

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  1. I totally agree with this. I just graduated with my Bachelor’s only to learn out that I need to spend several years earning certifications in my chosen jobfield. I wish more high schools and colleges would provide guidence towards certifications as well as degrees.

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